Electrical Design and Engineering

Bascom Hunter’s experienced engineers provide the following electronic equipment engineering services:

Hardware Design and Development

  • Requirements Development and Traceability
  • Overall Systems
  • Digital, Analog, Packaging, Circuit Board Layout
  • Test Design and Testing
  • Design Improvements or Complete Designs

Circuit Design

  • Development from a Specification or from a Concept
  • Circuit Board Layout (as Part of Full Board Development or as a Separate Activity)
  • Simulation or Stress Analysis

Digital Circuit Card Design

  • Board Level Digital Design for Microprocessors, Serial Buses, Audio Recording and Playback, Video Acquisition, Processing and Display
  • Microprocessor Design with 68340, 68360, MPC603e and Power PC

Analog Circuit Card Design

PCB Layout Design

Mechanical Packaging, Analysis, and Drafting

Hardware Test

Implementation of Design

System Review

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