Xcelaero designs, builds, and delivers a wide range of Vapor Cycle Systems (VCS) for the aerospace and defense markets.  Engineered for the harsh operating requirements of military vehicles and aircraft, our cooling systems are efficient, lightweight, and highly reliable. 

The environmental demands placed on aircraft and military vehicles require that each VCS be optimized for maximum performance. At Xcelaero, we specialize in providing the right system in the right configuration for the specific mission at hand.

VCS utilize phase-change cooling in refrigeration, air conditioning, and other cooling systems.  The cooling cycle involves four main stages: evaporation, compression, condensation, and expansion. In the evaporation stage, heat is absorbed from the environment when a refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas, thereby cooling the surrounding area. Next, the gas is compressed to a high pressure and temperature. In the condensation stage, the refrigerant releases heat to the outside environment and reverts to a liquid state. Finally, in the expansion stage, the high-pressure liquid refrigerant is allowed to expand, reducing its pressure and temperature and preparing it for the evaporation stage again. This cycle repeats, providing continuous cooling. VCS are widely used due to their efficiency and effectiveness in heat transfer.

Proven Design and Customization

Our proven VCS designs are agile and modular, allowing us to provide rapid, cost-effective solutions to our customers across a wide variety of applications. We also have the engineering expertise and capability to create new systems from the ground up, depending on the needs of our customer. All of our products are backed by our long-term service and support commitments.

Compressor Technology



Xcelaero’s best-in-class positive displacement compressor is the heart of our vapor cycle system (VCS). Our compressor is designed for maximum efficiency, using varying speeds to modulate cooling capacity, optimize power consumption and extend mission range.

The size of the compressor can be changed to meet the cooling needs of your system. The compressor pump head, as well as the motor drive, can be optimized based on your application.

Our engineering team has expertise in turbomachinery design, acoustics design, fluid mechanics, and motor/controller design. We are equipped to design your system with our in-house engineering capabilities.