Liquid Cooling Systems (LCS) serve a crucial function within the aerospace and defense industry. Electronic systems and components, such as radar, lasers, and high-performance computing systems, can generate excessive heat in their operations. LCS systems work by circulating a coolant, such as propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, or polyalphaolefin, around the components to absorb and dissipate heat. The coolant is then cooled down by a heat exchanger before being recirculated. This technology is particularly important in aerospace and defense applications due to the extreme operating conditions and the need for reliable, efficient cooling. The use of LCS enhances the performance and lifespan of electronic systems and contributes to the overall safety and success of missions. 

In aircraft and military platforms, LCS proves to be critical for applications that need to manage high heat flux loads, have a significant distance between the heat source and sink, or require cooling in unpressurized environments. Xcelaero specializes in crafting bespoke LCS systems that utilize a range of fluids. These systems offer accurate temperature control with minimal thermal gradients. They are compact highly reliable. 


The key components of an LCS system include the pump, heat exchanger, cold plate, flow control valve, sensor, manifold, charge port, accumulator, and control electronics. 


Proven Designs and Customization

Xcelaero specializes in making mission critical equipment for aircraft and military vehicles. Our proven designs are agile and modular, allowing us to provide rapid, cost-effective solutions to our customers across a wide variety of applications. We also have the engineering expertise and capability to create new systems from the ground up, depending on the needs of our customer. All of our products are backed by our long-term service and support commitments. Contact us with your requirements today.