Aft Auxiliary Heater 

The Aft Auxiliary Heating System is a complete aft cabin heating solution for Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft. Our product provides the Beechcraft Bonanza with a highly effective auxiliary heating solution that eliminates the cold aft cabin scenario that has affected the aircraft since its introduction.

“We worked with Beechcraft Bonanza owners to create a high performance, fully effective cold weather cabin comfort solution that celebrates our commitment to this world-class aircraft and its owners,” said Blaine Streeter, Senior Technical Advisor for Bascom Hunter Technologies. “From conception through manufacturing and FAA STC certification, we have created the ultimate combination of aircraft and cabin temperature comfort”.


We offer an integrated solution pairing our Digital Climate Control Air Conditioning System with our Aft Auxiliary Heating System allowing for complete automatic operation for both heating and cooling, providing all occupants with unparalleled cabin comfort and climate control technology within this aircraft segment.


Digital Climate Control Air Conditioning System 

Our aftermarket climate control system is an enhancement offering a range of features designed to improve comfort and reduce pilot workload. Our system boasts fully automatic climate control, seamlessly integrating with existing combustion heaters to maintain the selected cabin temperature. This system offers a comprehensive solution for climate control in Baron and Bonanza aircraft, enhancing both comfort and convenience for occupants.