Xcelaero designs and manufactures wire harnesses and sensor assemblies for aircraft and military vehicles.  Our wire harnesses and sensor assemblies are built to IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards and are tested to meet rigorous performance requirements.  These harnesses and assemblies are developed for ease of use and installation, providing “plug-and-play” connectivity for seamless integration with vehicle components.   

Our team has the experience and expertise to provide custom harness and assembly solutions, in the right configuration and at the right cost, to customers operating in the most demanding environments 

Wiring Harnesses 

Custom Designed for Aircraft System Integration

Wire harnesses play a crucial role in the aerospace and defense sector. They are the main arteries of the electrical network in environmental control systems (ECS) and other complex systems. 

Wire harnesses provide a structured and secure method of organizing and deploying multiple electrical cables and wires, which are vital for transmitting power, data and signals within and between components. They contribute to the overall functionality, reliability and safety of these systems. Because wire harnesses are critical to the operation of the vehicle, they must meet stringent quality and performance standards. We design and manufacture our harnesses with extreme precision to withstand the rigors of extreme temperatures, vibrations and electromagnetic interference. 

Sensor Assemblies


Sensor assemblies are critical components that measure pressure, temperature, vibration, humidity, and other key factors. Sensor assemblies include integrated electronics for control and calibration, which must be precisely designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions while providing accurate data. Our sensor assemblies have a proven record of performance under demanding conditions.  

Xcelaero specializes in making mission critical equipment for aircraft and military vehicles.  Our proven designs are agile and modular, allowing us to provide rapid, cost-effective solutions to our customers across a wide variety of applications. We also have the engineering expertise and capability to create new systems from the ground up, depending on the needs of our customer. All of our products are backed by our long-term service and support commitments. Contact us with your requirements today.