Photonics Packaging


Bascom Hunter packages its Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) including the PIC carrier design, wire bonding and optical coupling. We can provide packaging services to other companies who are designing their own PICs but do not have the facilities to do their own packaging.

Over the last decade Bascom Hunter has developed state-of-the-art in-house packaging capabilities specifically for high-speed electronic and photonic integrated circuits. These capabilities include 20+ GHz RF I/O, 100s of DC electrical I/O, and up to 16 low loss fixed optical I/O (each optical I/O can support up to 100 optical carriers). Bascom Hunter supports both edge and vertical optical coupling with sub-micron precision alignment. In addition, Bascom Hunter offers custom high-speed control circuit boards co-located to the integrated processors for higher performance and ease of programming. Bascom Hunter is in process of scaling and automating these packaging processes as well as the investigation and testing of co-integrating CMOS control circuitry.