Bascom Hunter provides custom VPX Backplanes in compliance with HOST/SOSA and has RF Systems solutions built around these 3U VPX technology. VPX provides a level of modularity and interoperability that future-proofs systems as new capabilities and technology emerge.

Bascom Hunter offers a unique +12 Card Slot 3U VPX solution in a 3U 19” Rack Mountable chassis with over 1kW of cooling capability.



3U Open VPX SOSA-Aligned Chassis

Bascom Hunter offers an industry leading True-3U VPX rack-mount form factor with a HOST/SOSA­aligned VPX backplane. The Enhanced Digital Intermediate Frequency Interoperability Enabling Resource (EDIFIER) was developed as a highly configurable platform to orchestrate system and device testing via its onboard VPX Single Board Computer (SBC). EDIFIER’s architecture directly supports high-capacity data exchange via the DIFI standard. Backplane and panel interfaces allow non-DIFI analog devices to be converted to DIFI for ease of overall system connectivity. An onboard 3U VPX Signal Analysis solution allows wide bandwidth combination of multiple digital IF signals via DIFI (IEEE-ISTO 4900- 2021). The design of the EDIFIER allows for digital Waveform Generation via its onboard Arbitrary Waveform Generation. For complex, custom test applications, EDIFIER supports the digitization and replay of 16-bit IQ recordings onto its DIFI stream architecture.