Complex Multi Function Assemblies

Radar, SIGINT, SATCOM, Point to Point


Bascom Hunter is adept at integrating multiple functional blocks into rack or ruggedized subsystems with integrated control to perform complex sub system tasks reducing system burdens in SIGINT, radar and point-to-point communication systems. Bascom Hunter also has extensive expertise in optimizing these components for Radar markets, providing up and down converters as well as high power solid state pulsed and CW transmitters and receivers for use in chirped, doppler, CW and pulsed applications.



Bascom Hunter can provide design of Radios and Radio Components for Mission Critical System Applications such as P25. We have expertise in the design of robust narrowband radio transceivers, high performance VCOs/PLLs, and PA Linerization. Our experience also includes the implementation of Direct Digital Synthesis, Digital Down-conversion, and FPGA/SW based power, gain, and timing control systems.