Photonic Solutions


Our nation’s most demanding applications require performance and accuracy at the speed of light.  Missions like Automatic Target Recognition (ATR), Hypersonic Vehicle Detection, and Autonomous Navigation all require real-time processing and inferencing on countless high bandwidth multi-phenomena sensors in parallel, rendering modern Machine Learning (ML) processors like CPUs, TPUs, and GPUs inert.   

Bascom Hunter specializes in leveraging Silicon Photonics to offload the most compute-intensive tasks in ML, like Matrix Vector Multiplication (MVM). By leveraging analog optical processing, our processors avoid the classic electronic bottlenecks to achieve classification latencies as low as 200 picoseconds; translating to 0.16 Terra Multiply-Accumulate operations per second.  

Additionally, in collaboration with Princeton University’s Lightwave Lab, Bascom Hunter is developing all-optical Photonic Neural Networks. These systems leverage the intrinsic strengths of optical devices and interconnects to create a physical computing solution to ML requirements. These cutting-edge systems enable sub-nanosecond inference on RF signals, 10s of GHz in bandwidth, with tremendous power saving compared to conventional ML hardware.