BH Tech supplies the defense market with class-leading advanced electronics for applications in artificial intelligence (AI), signal intelligence, resilient communications, and signal processing. We provide highly customized solutions expertly designed for the challenges facing our warfighters. Product lines within BH Tech include RF Systems, RF Components, Neuromorphic Processors and Photonics. BH Tech delivers next-generation capabilities to our customers by leveraging our expertise in semiconductor technologies, RF circuits, integrated photonics, software, digital electronics and neural networks.

RF Components


Products include transmitters, block up and down converters (BUCs/BDCs), receivers, synthesized sources, low noise amplifiers (LNAs), High Power Amplifiers (HPAs), transceivers and frequency converters. BH Tech specializes in low noise, broadband applications.

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RF Systems


The RF System product line includes custom software and purpose-built user interfaces to simplify system operation and interface with in-house and 3rd party RF Products.

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Neuromorphic Processing


Bascom Hunter develops in-house custom neuromorphic photonic processors and photonic accelerators and integrates 3rd party neuromorphic electronic processors into rugged formats for DoD applications.

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Our origins from the Lightwave Lab at Princeton University bring technology from the greatest minds in photonics to fieldable products in the hands of our warfighters.

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