The History of TelGaAs

Founded by Darrell Bengfort, Dr. Robert Goldwasser, and Bill Lazechko in 1995, TelGaAs successfully provided custom, cutting-edge microwave and millimeter wave components, used in radar, satellite communication, electronic intelligence, aerospace, and commercial applications.

TelGaAs is now part of Bascom Hunter Technologies Inc, and is located in St. Louis metro area to keep costs down and maintain lower prices for customers.


Throughout their 27 years in business, TelGaAs helped expand businesses with custom manufactured microwave and millimeter wave components. The company carried a range of experience with oscillators, amplifiers, upconverters, downconverters and components of all types. TelGaAs worked with customers to develop specific, custom solutions combining optimal performance with economic viability.

TelGaAs’s commitment to quality and a collaborative design process with customers is underlined by the successful execution of the AS9100 standard.  The company’s quality management system supported military and commercial programs at home and in the international market. Equppied with in-house environmental screening and anti-counterfeit measures, TelGaAs ensured its dedication to reliability and service.