The History of Seamech


Founded in 1989, Seamech International, Inc. leveraged innovative technology to design custom environmental systems which are differentiated in their design and functionality and exhibit international standards of quality. In the expanding aerospace environmental system market, Seamech had an exceptional position with brand identity and product positioning that was clearly distinguishable from others.

On February 2nd of 2022, Bascom Hunter aquired Seamech International, Inc. Seamech served as a leading supplier of high-performance environmental control systems and components for the aerospace and defense market.  This acquisition strengthened Bascom Hunter’s environmental control system and thermal management capabilities, allowing the organization to provide a broader range of solutions to its customers

With the addition of Seamech’s diverse product catalog of commercial aviation thermal management systems and components, Bascom Hunter is now better positioned to provide customers with custom-tailored and off the shelf solutions to best fit their needs.