Bascom Hunter is actively seeking companies to acquire that complement our current business. The companies need to meet the following key areas:

Cultural Fit:  We seek companies that are committed to excellence and have a team of hard working and talented individuals.

Product Fit:  We seek companies that pride themselves on developing great technical solutions to challenging customer problems and are complementary with Bascom Hunter’s current products.

Market Fit:  We seek companies that are primarily focused on the aerospace and defense market.

Size Fit:  We like small businesses. Many small companies have limited options when the owner is ready to exit the business or just transition into a more comfortable role. We have a successful track record of acquiring small businesses and have a streamlined approach that is attractive to owners of many small businesses.

Hear our Testimony

“My business partner and I were approached by Bascom Hunter to learn about our business and to see if there was any interest in selling our business.  My business partner and I had no plans of selling the business but decided to learn more about Bascom, understand their core competencies and management style and listen to how Seamech might fit within the Bascom organization.  Although Bascom was not a competitor to us , we quickly realized that we had tremendous synergy in our product lines and interests in the aviation market place.  The team at Bascom was a pleasure to work with in developing a fair offer for the sale of our business.  Negotiating details were painless and Bascom went to great lengths to accommodate the needs of all Seamech employees.  Bascom allowed the management structure to stay in place and improved the benefits for the Seamech team as well as making immediate improvements to the production facility to improve employee comfort.  Joining Bascom was the right move.”    

Mike Harness

Former Vice President of Seamech International


“My business partner and I were actively looking for a buyer of TelGaAs Inc. We were working with a business broker and had some non-negotiable requirements. We were looking for a buyer that wanted to grow the business, take care of our employees and maintain the operation in the existing location. Taking care of our employees that had been with us for decades was a top priority for us. We were close to inking a deal with another company when the broker advised that Bascom Hunter had expressed an interest. We are grateful that Bascom entered the picture in time. The negotiations were fair, and one year in I am still confident we made the best decision. Bascom is investing in our facility by expanding it significantly, and in the growth of our business. Despite everyone’s best efforts some things don’t get covered in negotiations, and when those issues have come up Bascom has been more than fair in addressing them. They maintained our entire workforce and have met or exceeded every commitment whether it was in writing or implied.”

Bill Lazechko

Former Vice President of TelGaAs Inc.


“When approached by Bascom, Xcelaero was not seeking any type of exit or outside investment. The combination of a world-class technical team and patient capital of a legendary Silicon Valley multi billionaire investor, allowed Xcelaero to develop and deliver superior cooling solutions to the DoD independently.Our discussions with Bascom led us to believe that by integrating into Bascom that we could compress our revenue growth timeline goals while maintaining profitability. Our experience in the negotiations, transaction and transition was very smooth. Simply put, both sides did what they said they would do, and did it when they said they would do it. Painless.Notably, the entire Xcelaero technical team transitioned to Bascom. This was critical to both Bascom and Xcelaero. As a further indicator of confidence in the transaction, the Xcelaero initial investor continues his ongoing involvement inside the Bascom present capital structure.”

Dennis M. Pfister

Former Chairman and CEO of Xcelaero


“After a couple years of being their customer, Bascom Hunter approached the company officers to gauge interest in acquiring the business. It did not take long to recognize this was a win-win scenario that would merge complementary personnel and company cultures. Our officers requested to remain a team, as we have been for 20 years. It is encouraging that Bascom Hunter recognized this and acted accordingly through the negotiation process. Our entire team continues to be excited about working on interesting and challenging engineering projects and are looking forward to expanding the team and the facility as part of the business growth under Bascom Hunter. It has only been a couple months, but it is obvious the acquisition by Bascom Hunter was the correct move for our company and our employees.”

Mike Gouel

Former President of SoleNet Inc.